Linked in Reviews – The Witcher: EEDC Chapter 3

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The Witcher: EEDC – Chapter 2 Review

And now folks, for the long waited (im sure) reveal of The Witcher: Chapter 2.  This one took a bit longer than the last because I had to put the mouse down around 12am and say, “WELL I’M STUCK”.  Since I’m obviously here now, I’m glad to say I finally Continue reading

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (Director’s Cut) – FIRST THOUGHTS

I spent 5$ this week and put myself to work on a game that began the trilogy.

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After the intermission: Xbox One

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Remember Me: Oh The Irony

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PS4 vs XboxOne: An Accessory To Debate 2/3

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PS4 vs XBOXone: Let The Debate Begin (Part 1/3)

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Choose Your Armageddon This 2013

I explore pandemic and Armageddon today both in the movies and in games.  I’m thinking zombies Continue reading