Choose Your Armageddon This 2013

I explore pandemic and Armageddon today both in the movies and in games.  I’m thinking zombies

2013 has brought many “end of the world” scenarios in the entertainment field.  With the release of Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us” and Marc Foster’s World War Z, “THE END OF THE WORLD” is the hot topic in entertainment.  How often do you hear, “when the zombies come I’ll be ready at the nearest shopping mall”?  While I haven’t personally played The last of us, I’ll give you gamers a decent feel for the game before you invest your time and your money into it.

I believe AMC‘s “The Walking Dead” sets a good stage for this year’s armageddon.  While the show is on its off season –New revealed banner– (, I refer to the second season.  I started watching the series in the second season and I could barely stand the amount of talking and the lack of zombie fighting that I had been used to.  Relationships,  Baby Daddy Drama, and hatred of Carl did not really interest me in the slightest.  However, as I began backtracking to the first season, I understood the characters differently and understood the eventual direction they took it for the third season.  While I haven’t skimmed the graphic novel,  I think the series has led a new direction for Armageddon-type entertainment.  It’s not about how the outbreak occurs but rather the characters and their story and burdens to bear.

Possible Spoilers (Info only from trailers)

The Last of US

20 years after the Pandemic the world is no longer ruled by men. Joel, The main character in Last of Us, comes off as a disgruntled man who loses someone very close to him in midst of the outbreak.  While the monsters do not come off as zombies, they possess enough ferocity and cause a wide spread pandemic to overturn cities to their natural state.  I liked this in the movie “I am Legend”  because a city like New York was turned over to a grasslands environment.  Like most movies, the goal isn’t my concern.  Whether or not someone succeeds in their goal in these movies, we honestly do not care.  From the beginning we put ourselves in the mindset that Millions of zombies do not just get eradicated easily and even if a vaccine is found, there is always a rough and long road ahead.  What we do care about is that the little girl at his side survives.  Everything he does is for her.

-Story Trailer-(

I know you multiplayer gamers would be interested to know that this game also has and online vs gameplay surrounding the typical “team deathmatch” feel with a survival type twist.  From first look it seems like Gears of war shoot ’em up mixed with a tower defense upgrade system.  You can upgrade and craft your weapons in multiple gaming modes that depend on team survival.


What do you think of The Last of Us?  World War Z and the like?

Comment with your opinions and questions and I’ll try my best to respond.

The item to the left of you is your weapon in the zombie apocalypseImage


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