PS4 vs XBOXone: Let The Debate Begin (Part 1/3)

Are day one game exclusives worth your time?  Will PS4 or Xbox One come out on top this November?


To start I will not make this a measuring contest of who is better than the other.  I will simply show what I consider to be the best of both and let you decide (Spoiler: My choice will be at the end).  As mid-year approaches and E3 hype comes to an end, I and most likely you gamers out there are curious what we should gather from the mass amount of trailers and gameplay and how it will affect your wallet.  While I would love to buy every new piece of tech that comes my way, next gen consoles will destroy my personal bank account.  So what should I choose?  I, like you, have die hard Sony and Microsoft friends who swear by their console, and the occasional partial PC gamer who still plays Team Fortress and cares more for hats, skins, and salvage parts than PS4 or XboxOne.  So what will I do for you today?  In order to provide you with the information you need to invest in the proper console, game, and/or accessories I will show my favorite highlights.  Personally, while I have played the playstation longer, I joined the xbox bandwagon and enjoyed it for its xbox live community and the whole of the gears of war franchise….except for GoW: Judgement (We miss you Clif Bliszenski).

Edit: I’ve decided to make this Blog 1/3 parts.  I simply have too much to tell about these awesome systems

Game Releases: Exclusivity

Most of us have games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc that we enjoy more on PS3 or Xbox (I doubt anyone enjoys it for the WiiU).  However, for reasons of childhood nostalgia we associate many of our favorite video games with a particular console because its the only system we can play it on.

Part of these NEXT-GEN consoles major strategies is associating your console with the game you’re playing and “The Last of Us” -see ( is only the first of what’s to come.  Popular continuations such as Infamous: Second Son, Killzone 4, and Assassin’s Creed 4Black Flag (as if we didn’t see that coming…) may seem like the same old sony and microsoft but games such as Outlast for the PS4 and Ryse for the XboxOne prove that consoles are taking games in a new direction all-together.  It is very important for you gamers to look beyond the surface of an  in-engine cinematic before you buy either system just because it has your favorite games that you used to play.  Don’t go buying Xbox for a particular game just because you liked the first one, you may be disappointed.

In summation, games are key to the console, as much as XboxOne would like to deny.  But it shouldn’t be the reason you buy the console.  You’ll beat the campaign eventually and be out of games to play, that was the problem with ps3 from the get-go.  You can only replay Infamous so many times.

If you’re looking for new exclusive games for your PS4 or XboxOne (Or both if you got the cash) Consider these two games

Outlast PS4 (

Outlast Trailer

While the trailer shows some pretty scripted gameplay, I get the feeling that this game took the good from Amnesia: The Dark Descent.  If you’ve played the game before, holding onto dear life to the nearest wall and leaning is about the scariest and yet most thrilling experience.  You’ll definitely be at the edge of the seat…..or pausing for breath.

The reason I didn’t choose Infamous: Second Son or Killzone 4 is because of the directions they’re taking the trilogy/quartet…???  Sony and Xbox Marketing strategies are seemingly avoiding the use of (1,2,3,4…) in their title and it seems that the concepts of the two are making me cautious of games being continued from previous consoles.  I’ll give you my opinions on the matter soon.

Ryse XboxOne ( -skip to about 2 min

Ryse: Son of Rome Cover

This trailer showed a lot more gameplay and from it I was able to see one upside and downside to the game.  The “Like God of War….But” concept made famous by my favorite game analyst Zero Punctuation seems have to come exclusive to xbox but with some cool new features.  When you’re vs. 2-5 enemies in Assassin’s creed you simply focus harder on who’s attacking and bash the counter button.  In Ryse, formations, dual executions, and commands make outnumbered combat a synch, but at a cost.  While there is a unique style to the executions, being able to execute every enemy limits the amount of “shock and awe” when you’ve stabbed 15 enemies in the back of the neck.  Hate to say it but after a while, it’s not as interesting.

Watch Dogs ( –A definite buy for either system-

Watch Dogs

From first look I got the eerie feel of a GTA copycat, but man was I wrong.  Watch Dogs take the Gold in being able to do whatever the hell you want with the environment and everyone and everything.  It has the feel of infamous with more of a modern realistic feel over a Armageddon feel.

What Games are you gamers excited for on your particular console?  What do you think of the games I suggested?  Leave your answer in the comments and Like if you agree or respectably deny

If You get any free time view the game reviews by Zero Punctuation at….Be weary though, hell tear apart your games piece by piece and make you laugh at any game you thought you liked


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