PS4 vs XboxOne: An Accessory To Debate 2/3

So are motion sensor games worth your time?  I plan to show you both Ps4’s integration to improve game quality and Xbox One’s cross integration to improve overall quality of the console.

Welcome Back my blog viewers!  I know it hasn’t been long but I figure with my time off I ought to spend it on the internet telling what exactly you need to know about.  You know what that is?  You guessed it…

PAPERWEIGHTS!! (Xbox  .5lbs -LEFT) (Ps4 . 4lbs – RIGHT)

Xbox One kinect PS4 Camera

All Kidding aside Welcome to the second part of the debate which I will guide you, my studious gamers, to buying to right console and the right tech to go along with it.  I can tell you right off the bat not to buy those silly film covers no matter what system you like better, that is a scheme that gamestop will soon sell to you like they do “disc warranties”.  It’s like when everyone had a fan on their system and thought it was improving their system quality hahaha….I had one

A link to it LOL (

A Gimmick or a Reason to sell your heavy Coffee Table?

I can’t deny that at one point since their release that I’ve wanted to play the Kinect and the PS3 Move.  I remember Fable: Journey when it came on the shelves for kinect and how tempting it was to get one.  But I checked out some reviews that all centered around one problem….The Kinect –Fable Journey Review-(  I can buy attachments for my kinect or mount it on my back wall but I still have to move a 75lb coffee table every time I play.  While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, you get my point.

Kinect 2.0

To address what most of you who don’t have a kinect, let me tell you what exactly the kinect has improved on before I tell you the specs.  First, you no longer need massive amount of space or are required to move your furniture to operate the kinect.  Even if you have to stand really close to the TV screen, you should be able to operate the kinect without some sort’ve mount or zoom attachment.  Second, The improved resolution for color and depth.  Thirdly, the IR sensor allows the Kinect to detect on variable lighting conditions.

Ready to Buy The Kinect?  Wait…there’s unfortunately more

The original Kinect operated on 15  FPS.  What does this mean to you current Kinect owners? “It’s actually hard to fix because you have a lot of data to transport. Sort of working with that image is expensive computationally-wise. I think they quoted something like 10-15 per cent of the Xbox resources, plus like 50 megs of memory or something like that. The Move takes less than 1-percent, and like 1 megabyte. So, you know, that’s just a bunch of numbers but to developers that means like Killzone 3 can just put in Move and not have to worry about it, whereas something like Kinect you have to make significant game changes to actually fit that into your game.,news-9101.html

So is 30 FPS a great improvement?  Well yeah duh that’s a bigger number….but vs. Ps3/Ps4’s current 60 fps?  I’m not so sure.  Additionally, the Kinect required a lot of Xbox360 resources to operate and the cross integration of the XboxOne will only require more. As a developer, I would think twice before creating a game that would suffer in smoothness of operation.  This is the reason a game like God of War turned out so fantastically on the Playstation 2.  They pushed for 60 fps on the game allowing for seamless movement and combat.

Ps4: Marketing Geniuses?

So when Ps4 announced that they wouldn’t be included the camera with the console and that they would be dropping Ps4 price 100$, I had mixed feelings.  Sure it’s nice to have a cheaper console and to not have to buy accessories day one of the release, but this also means that unlike the Kinect 2.0 most people will not own a Ps4 Camera along with their console.  I mean look at the Sixaxis controller.  It comes with every controller yet developers refuse to integrate it and consumers turn it off.  So if Sony is aiming to excite its customers, they’re not doing a great job of it.  But one upside to this is that if the Ps4 camera isn’t too dissimilar from the Kinect, then multi-platform devs will provide a audience for the Ps4 Camera.

Don’t give up on Sony Just yet

Though the Ps4 camera isn’t as popularized as the Kinect 2.0, I do not blame sony for their idea to drop the price and the camera from the day one bundle.   When it comes down to it, it’s not about the accessories, the built in touch screen on the controller, or even the games; it’s about owning the console itself.  Very hard to play Ps4 without the console eh?  Now I’m not trying to talk to you like a child but understand this:  The first few months everyone will be playing the same games, which will be limited at best.  Remember how long it took Ps3 to come up with Infamous?  2 years my gaming community…2 years.  After a while the thrill of jumping over rocks with a physics-defying raft gets boring.  Also, can we talk about how Minecraft is on the best sellers list for xbox360?  It came out for PC ages ago and now everyone and their mother has it and is so thrilled by it.  I’m so Hip and Kewl…..

Check Out The Specs (

So what do you think about these two government watching camera devices?  Will you be buying the Ps4 Camera?  Parents are you ready to play Kinectimals?!

Tune in for Part 3 of the Debate and my final decision.  Are you at the edge of your seat?  Well you shouldn’t be you’ll fall down silly


2 thoughts on “PS4 vs XboxOne: An Accessory To Debate 2/3

  1. The XBOX ONE can suck my c**k, it’s a sh***y lame console, nobody cares if it doesn’t has DMR anymore, it is still sh***y, no body wants to pay for online, and believe me i don’t really care about exclusives, they are sh***y too, the PS4 rules, and nobody can argue with me, because all MS fans are a bunch of fags

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