Remember Me: Oh The Irony

Take an sneak peek into Capcom’s “Remember Me” and if it’s worth a buy, a rent, or a get bent….

Hello my oh so studious gamers.  My name is Linadaeus (day-us), but you can call me Shawn, that will do as well.  Of course, as always, bringing you what’s interesting, trending, or sold cheaply on eBay in the gaming community.  Today I picked one out in left field but Capcom does a hand on what I like to call “like Infamous but….” and brought us the game…..well….uhmmmm


So as always I break down the basics and avoid any spoilers but I’ll tell you right now, it couldn’t grab my interest for a second.  I beat “Last of Us” in hours and I don’t remember blinking or breathing throughout that span of time.  Remember Me seemed to be an oxymoron, I couldn’t remember or care what I was looking at.  I couldn’t help but think that this game should be a book, filled with complex ideas and theories with very general concern for the main character but what’s actually occurring around the character……Just me…okay

On The Bright Side…

The glove is very important to the combat and the main reason I liked it, once I built my combos more.  However, though finishers were satisfying, I couldn’t help but notice the immediate limitations.  combat is very flowing yes but being able to mash buttons for combos is a little bit difficult.  If you don’t push the next button in the combo at the immediate moment the last hit is landed, the combo stalls and waits until you do, preventing any bonuses (or Pressens) from activating.  Remember Me is full of terms you won’t really care about but they’ll hammer them into your brain.  The whole game is basically one long tutorial because the combat never gets any more interesting than what it is in the beginning. Also, something about putting 100% focus on which button is next makes me lose focus on the whole entire screen and down to the bottom.  I would lose focus on my enemies as well if they didnt have a giant !!! over their heads like I have a bloody spidey sense.

Like InFamous? Yeah You Wont Like This

The game starts off with very basic traverse with ledges, walls, rooftops, etc that you’ll see in most games these days.  However, most of the game,  you can’t tell where the hell you are going or what ledges you can grab so Orange Arrows are put there so you can see where you need to go.  Most of the time developers put hints if you are having trouble but this game is like a giant case of “Mind Blown” when it comes to finding where the hell to go.  Every time an arrow didn’t tell me where I was going it was to get shocked by oddly placed trap or to fall 50 ft to my death.  Awful navigation in a linear game would seem impossible but there yah go gamers,  archive this one as “need my TomTom”.

We Get it Capcom, It’s the Future….

I get the idea of the fantastic and all but…..flying vehicles do not need giant wind turbines and police officers do not need giant armored mass effect suits if they’re gonna use batons.  It’s almost like society downgraded to make room for more hairstylists and bad naming.

The Story? (Spoilers Could be Here)

So you start out the game not remembering anything, go figure….The main character Nilin has a severe case of Amnesia but everyone else in the game has a severe case of “Tell me my whole past every ten seconds”.  Nilin reminds me of the girl from Mirror’s edge a lot and the combat/visual effects would agree as well.  The conflict you face has to be one of the weirdest ones but I guess I’ve seen worse.  People are addicted to….Memories.  Memories are inserted into the mind like Total Recall but they also become an addiction to the point of mutation.  The power of controlling memory data allows Nilin to steal and Change peoples memories not just in their head but the actual past.

To me, this game just doesn’t make anything really interesting.  It’s so linear you can’t interact with people or the stores, even to buy fish.  Glitches are at a constant and terrible Lip synch with awful character voices made me want to skip every cut-scene.  Missions and quests seemed to have no purpose because you did 5-6 things that make you forget your goal.  Having no sense of direction made me have to look for the next orange arrow rather than view any cool graphic design there was, though most of it was garbage….literally garbage, it was like a scene in Star Wars.

So what do you think gamers?  Capcom ready for next-gen?  Anything else? I LuH You

Two Best Friends Play

You’ll laugh, you better


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