After the intermission: Xbox One

An in-depth Xbox One look that reviews the technical specifications and provides you gamers with the information you’ll need before you hit the stores this November.

So as I gather myself from the deep recesses of Steam Summer Giveaway, I will attempt to get myself interested in the PS4 and Xbox One debate once more.  While I must get back to Fallout: New Vegas in a minute, I must remember to give you gamers an in-depth look into the consoles coming this November.  In the first discussion I told you ladies/gents about the games that will be consuming your nights and the reason your swear jar will be filled with quarters.  Second I described the accessories that will have you doing mime poses til you’re sore.  Lastly, why I brought you here today, I will show you your perspective cable box or printer, their highlights and top points.

For the love of god please don't stand up your console

For the love of god please don’t stand up your console


So first I’ll throw out the numbers and I’ll try to break them down for you and describe what they mean

Xbox One



8-core x86 processor lets you instantly switch between a game and your favorite entertainment apps with ease.

HDMI pass-through

Connect your cable or satellite box and watch TV through your Xbox One, which makes switching inputs seem almost pre-historic.*


8 GB of RAM and a 500 GB** hard drive give you plenty of memory for your games, demos, movies, apps, music, and more.


Watch movies and play games in crystal-clear HD with the Xbox One’s Blu-ray capabilities.

The first * basically requires you to have HD output and a HDMI cable.  However, the ** may call to your attention:

Xbox One system software uses a significant amount of storage; less internal storage will be available to users. 500 GB = 500 billion bytes.  Most likely to run the Three Operating Systems.

So These numbers are good right? Consider this….

As impressive as the processor is, promising an ease between switching from entertainment and apps is a big promise.  Right now on my laptop I have Fallout: New Vegas and 6 tabs running while I have a sidebar of “How I Met Your Mother”. While that’s exaggerating it, and geez in need to close some of this down, I can’t imagine that the Xbox One can carry the same weight.  Just personal opinion but I think that internet would play an additional role into “seamless” transition. Second, and again i use the “seamless” term, the Xbox One promises changing from cable to the console as being…well..seamless.  As lazy as I am, my TV remote can do the same thing.

Voice commands and hand poses seem to be a gimmick, but I can’t deny that I like it.  All in all, even though it’s a gimmick, I do like that Xbox is thinking of the random things I’ve always wanted.
As for the Memory and the Blu-ray, they seem to hold up to speculation and both systems seem to match on those two concepts.

Here Comes the Cool Stuff

So Xbox One tailors the system to you like Pandora on steroids.  It’s always nice to see a system that thinks about you.  I thought Max from Netflix was stupid but it’s helped me find a couple awesome movies.  In addition, it is more sensitive to your voice commands and movements.  I couldn’t stand people pausing my movies or saying “PLAY 4” all the time…IT’S NOT FUNNY.  But here’s where it goes off the deep end.  “You can chat with your friends on Skype while watching basketball on TV. Or show off your best game highlights instantly with Game DVR.”  It just sounds like something you do when you invite friends over to impress them and never use again….it’s like a Brookstone.

To end on a good note I love Xbox SmartGlass, a popular touch screen feature.  It basically allows you to use your computer, mobile device, or tablet to navigate and operate your Xbox without interrupting whatever you may be doing.


So what do I think of Xbox?  Well if I want you gamers to take anything away from this I would ignore the gimmicky hand motions and think about the console a month after:  You won’t be checking on sports while playing Call of Duty online unless you have severe ADD.  The only apps you use are for sports and netflix/hulu.  So ask yourself, what do you want from your console?  Stop asking what the console will give you.  Both systems will provide you these bare necessities but honestly, it’s what matters.  All that’s left is what makes you comfortable and relaxed at the end of the day.  Otherwise you’re just competing with a computer….and you’re gonna lose.


So What Do You Think?

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